Atlas Heavy

...engineered to move


We’re an asset-based heavy transport company with a focus on specialized and heavy transport, rigging, and engineered solutions to handle ordinary and unique cargo across the U.S. With the support of our network of 260+ project-focused partners around the world, we’re uniquely positioned to provide full turnkey solutions for any of your projects, large or small.


We started our operation as a Project Forwarder in Houston, Texas on January 1st, 2011 with 6 people. We were part of the Hansa Meyer Group and as such concentrated on International Project Forwarding. We began building our team and our portfolio of customers in the USA.


We moved into a larger space in the J.P. Morgan Chase Building in downtown Houston and established our own engineering department concentrating on barge layouts for project cargo.


To provide our customers a “factory to foundation” service we established the asset side of our business in October 2015 by investing several million dollars in specialized Goldhofer transportation equipment such as the Goldhofer Dual Lane, SL, STZ9 trailers as well as our self propelled trailers. We invested in MACK trucks and leased our yard with a mechanic and maintenance shop.


We took delivery of our Western Star Prime Movers capable of pulling 1,100,000 lbs. We also received the remaining equipment from Goldhofer in Germany. We started our fabrication and paint area at our yard. We designed / engineered and built our own stands, matts and barge ramps all in house. We also invested in 500 ton jack and slide equipment as well as a Leica 3D Scanner.


As our operations continued to grow and the domestic and international operations were more and more involved jointly, we decided to move the downtown operation to our yard in Houston. We expanded our fleet with additional Goldhofer equipment and we acquired our 700 ton Gantry.


ATLAS Heavy Transport LLC and ATLAS Heavy Projects LLC were founded as we bought out our partners in Germany and became 100% independent. To further expand our portfolio we started our machinery division setting presses and other equipment for our customers. We continue to invest in specialized equipment such as the Versalift 25/35.


ATLAS received its first Cometto Ecco Mile for inside plant moves, as well as our VersaLift 60/80. We also took delivery of our 13 axle Temisko trailer.


In 2023, Atlas Heavy made strategic investments to bolster its operational capabilities, acquiring three Western Star trucks and two light flatbed trailers. Additionally, the company expanded its machinery fleet with the purchase of an Xtreme 40-ton forklift. These acquisitions enhance Atlas Heavy’s capacity for transportation and material handling, reinforcing its commitment to efficiency and excellence in the heavy transport and project logistics industry.