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Safety / Compliance

Safety is an integral part of our day to day operations.
Whether at work or at home, safety is always at the forefront of everything we do.

Safety is as simple as “ABC.”

Always be careful

Winning at safety is like winning in sports. It’s not the effort of one person at Atlas Heavy but the focus and determination of the entire team working together towards one common goal which is:
“Everyone Goes Home Safe.”


We’re committed to providing a safe working environment for our employees, the personnel of our clients, their cargo, equipment, and the general public. To achieve this we maintain a comprehensive and rigorous safety program and firmly believe that in order to prevent an accident from happening is as simple as “ABC – always be careful.”

In order to ensure that our projects are completed safely, we closely follow and adhere to this moto by providing safety plans and training which fit the needs of each individual project. Our equipment is clean and meticulously maintained and serviced. As an added safety precaution much of our equipment is equipped with, and can be operated by, remote control.

We recognized that safety requires continuous attention and improvement, and by developing a strong safety culture ensures we don’t become complacent and strive for a reputation as an industry leader in safe operations.

Just like safety, Atlas Heavy take Compliance seriously and are committed to the highest standards of Ethical Business Conduct and Integrity. To ensure that our team are fully compliant regularly mandatory training is provided for all employees.